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When & Where

We are currently at 2 Houston area farmers markets...

            Urban Harvest:                                     

      2752 Buffalo Speedway                              

             Houston, Tx                                               

     Saturday 8am-12 Noon                               


Meet Our Farm & Market Crews:

Urban Harvest:













Of course, there are Garrett and I. We have been doing the market since we were in high school. Although since having our son, I have stayed home on Saturdays for the past few years. But I have been replaced by our wonderful daughter McKynlie. Trying to get her up for school in the morning is like pulling teeth, tell her its Saturday at 5:30am and she has to get up to go to the market...bam, out the door in 5 min! She LOVES helping her daddy and more so our next door market neighbor Miranda selling her yummy pastries. (She told me the other day her job was the pastry seller lol)

Jerry and Bonnie Auippa. Jerry started working the markets over 5 years ago and he is probably the best and most likeable salesman we have. Although, please do not tell him this, don't want him getting a big head or anything :) His wonderful wife Bonnie took my spot once McKynlie was born in 2013, and now has a more permanent weekend role. Over the years, they have become more like family, even being godparents to our son Coleson. They have a beautiful little girl Braelyn who will be 2 in May and this summer will welcome a little boy! Uncle Garrett and Aunt Stacie can't wait to meet you little man! :) 

















Jacob Auippa. Son of Jerry Auippa. He has been working with us now for over a year! He started working with us when he

moved to Texas full time. He lives in Houston and loves his little sister Braelyn.






Michael Hasenpflug. Remember that oops child (definition of an oops chid- a child who isn't yours but might as well be because in your eyes he is pretty awesome) I mentioned in our biography. Here he is! He goes to the markets occasionally but is usually running around the farm taking over for Garrett while he's gone. He might just be one of my favorite peeps on the planet!!! 














Marcelino Moreno AKA Pedro. Pedro is our longest employee and has been with us since the beginning in 2009. He also is

our truck driver that makes all our deliveries from Austin to Houston! He has a wife and a son Gerardo, who many of you have also seen at the market, and two little girls.














Martin Ontiveros AKA Gringo. Gringo has also been with us a long time and enjoys doing markets on Saturdays. He and Carlie (below) are brothers and he also has a little girl...














Thomas Garcia. Thomas is our foreman who took over recently and does a fantastic job making sure orders go out correctly and on time. And his paperwork skills are pretty on point also! ;) He has a little girl named Mia!

Imperial- Sugarland





Carol Marek AKA (Roll, Mom, MiMi, Bookkeeper). Carol is my mom and as her nicknames show, she is the jack of all trades.. She loves doing markets on Saturdays and honestly I think she really looks forward to them. Thank you for all you do, we couldn't do it without you! And that is my dad, he doesn't do markets, but he's my daddy, and I'm a daddy's girl, so theres that. He also makes one awesome PaPa!












Carlos Ontiveros AKA Carlie... Carlie has also been with us a long time and he and my mom make a good pair. I don't know what my mom would do if he wasn't there to help her unload, bag up and wait on customers...he is married with a little girl 

and another on the way!

(I just realized how many people in my life have nicknames...and little girls...interesting) 


There are many others that I need to thank because it takes a village and together they make it happen and more importantly, make sure everything goes smoothly. That in itself can be a hard task! So thank you everybody!!! 


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Imperial- Sugarland:
234 Matlage Way
Sugarland, Tx 
Saturday 9am-1pm
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